Goanna Pulling Contest featured in UK newspaper

The Australian Goanna Pulling Championships, held annually in Wooli NSW, were featured in the United Kingdom’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper earlier this year.

Goanna Pulling Championships Wooli Australia featured in UK Daily Mail The UK’s Daily Mail, which gets more than 100 million unique visitors to its website each month, posted a photo story about this quirky Australian event in February 2014.

Headlined “Aussie rules Tug-o-War: Goanna Pulling championship kicks off as contestants go head-to-head to see who has the strongest neck”, the feature briefly goes into the facts and explains the main rules of the competition. The short story is followed by a range of great photos showing contestants in action.

“Almost eye-to-eye, the Goanna Pulling contestants train for months to build the strength to pull their opponent over the white line in the 19th century sport,” one photo caption reads, while another continues: “People train for years before flocking to Wooli, Australia, to show what they are made of and to fight for a trophy.”

You can see the feature here.

What a great piece of international publicity for Wooli’s signature event, which brings competitors from far and wide to this quiet Northern NSW town at the start of Spring each year.

To find out more about the Australian Goanna Pulling Championships, which takes place on Sunday 5 October this year (2014), visit the official Goanna Pulling Championships website or the event page on the Clarence Tourism site.