Solitary Islands and Wooli featured in Gold Coast media

Gold Coast Bulletin travel story on Solitary Islands Marine Park, 14 Dec 2012Wooli is the perfect gateway for divers to the beautiful Solitary Islands Marine Park. This was the focus of a recent Gold Coast newspaper travel feature, enticing our northern neighbours to come visit our laid-back coastal and offshore paradise.

Writer Karl Condon has produced a fabulous article about the attractions of Wooli and particularly the Solitary Islands Marine Park for the Living Outdoors section of the Gold Coast Bulletin, published on 14 December 2012.

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Wooli featured on Yahoo7 Total Travel

Wooli Wooli River, Wooli NSW - Photo by Kuni Takanami

Wooli Wooli River. Photo credit: Kuni Takanami

More and more people are discovering the pleasures of a holiday in Wooli and it’s great to find excellent write-ups and amazing photos online about our little slice of paradise.

Angie Takanami and her family took a little driving holiday to Wooli recently and her story, “Summer family getaway: the best of Wooli”, is available for the whole world to read on Yahoo7’s Total Travel website.

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Christmas holidays 2012 – Events and holiday hours

Are you staying in Wooli or Minnie Water this Christmas or during the 2012/13 summer school holidays?

Christmas activities at Wooli and Minnie Water - Summer 2012/2013Wondering what’s on, and what the holiday opening hours are for the shops and eateries in Wooli and Minnie Water?

Here is some useful information for all locals and holidaymakers for the 2012-2013 summer holidays, including information about beach patrols.

Nearly everything is closed on Christmas Day, so plan ahead and get your shopping done in time.

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