Scenic Walk at Wilsons Headland

If you’re visiting Wooli, Diggers Camp or Minnie Water on the lower Clarence Coast in Northern NSW, don’t miss spectacular Wilsons Headland.

Wilsons Headland walking track in Yuraygir National Park near Wooli and Minnie WaterWilsons Headland, located about halfway between the holiday villages of Wooli and Minnie Water and near the small settlement of Diggers Camp, is known for its panoramic cliff-top views.

Situated in the heart of beautiful Yuraygir National Park, the Wilsons Headland walking track forms a small section of the 65-kilometre Yuraygir Coastal Walk that runs along the Clarence Coast.

The easy 3-kilometre walking track links Wilsons Headland Picnic Area with Boorkoom Campground, and you can park your car at either end to start the walk.

You’ll walk along forest trails and across boardwalks and bridges, pass vast stretches of ocean, discover secluded coves and beaches, and find fabulous lookout points to enjoy endless ocean views.

From late winter to early summer, you’ll be surrounded by wonderful wildflowers, while whale-watching from the headland is a popular pastime from May to November, when Humpback whales migrate along this stretch of Australia’s East Coast.

Short 500m walk to Wilsons Headland Lookout

Wilsons Headland Walk with spectacular viewsIf you’re short on time or there’s another reason you’re not up for the 3-km walking track (and back), don’t worry, there’s an even shorter walk you can do.

Park your car at Wilsons Headland Picnic Area and walk the short and easy 500-metre track to the lookout. Just follow the signposts.

Honestly, no visit to the Wooli & Minnie Water region would be complete without doing the short walk to the lookout point on Wilsons Headland and taking in the incredible views.

3km walk between Boorkoom and Wilsons Headland

The Wilsons Headland Walk is a signposted, one-way route of nearly 3 kilometres in length. Allow about an hour each way. This walk includes the shorter walk to the lookout mentioned above.

Stairs to Wilsons Headland Beach from Boorkoom Campground in Yuraygir National Park. Photo by John Warrell.Start from either Wilsons Headland Picnic Area or Boorkoom Campground, and enjoy the impressive views from the path that runs along the top of the cliff.

There are a few short, steep sections but it’s an easy walk overall and you will find strategically placed seats and lookouts to catch your breath and enjoy the amazing views.

At both ends, you’ll also find staircases leading down to beautiful beaches.

Wilsons Headland Picnic Area

The picnic area at the start of the Wilsons Headland walking trail is a picturesque spot that’s perfect for family picnics.

It has several picnic tables, wood barbecues (you’ll need to bring your own firewood, or bring your own gas/fuel stove) and an amenities block with non-flush toilets.

There is no drinking water, so be sure to bring your own water for drinking and cooking.

Accommodation & camping at Wilsons Headland

If you like camping in nature, you’ll be glad to know you can pitch your tent right on top of Wilsons Headland.

Boorkoom Campsite atop Wilsons Headland. NPWS Photo by Jon Tunstall.Boorkoom Campground, at the northern end of the headland, is a National Parks campground with 10 secluded cliff-top campsites. It has free gas/electric barbecues, picnic tables and non-flush toilets, but no drinking water.

No bookings are available, so arrive early to secure a spot. The campsites are very popular in summer.

If no spaces are available but you still want the natural camping experience, try Illaroo Campground at nearby Minnie Water.

You’ll find an array of caravan parks, cabins and holiday houses at Wooli, Diggers Camp and Minnie Water as well. See our accommodation page.

Getting there

From Grafton, follow the signs to Wooli and after the turnoff to Minnie Water and passing Lake Hiawatha, take the turnoff onto Diggers Camp Road. This is an unsealed road but suitable for 2WD vehicles.

After about 4km, you’ll see Wilsons Headland Picnic Area where you can park your car, or continue another 3km to start the walk at Boorkoom Campground.

Coming from Wooli, follow Wooli Road north and after about 10 minutes, turn right into Diggers Camp Road.

There you go. All the info you need to visit Wilsons Headland. Enjoy your walk, picnic or camping trip!