Yuraygir Coastal Walk: Adventurous hiking & camping trip

Get close to nature with Wayfarer Expeditions

If you’re a nature-lover and keen to experience the full Yuraygir Coastal Walk, but are daunted by the logistics of it, this adventurous hiking and camping trip may be just the thing for you.

Wayfarer Expeditions guided adventure toursWayfarer Expeditions, a small local business founded in early 2015, runs a number of guided hiking tours around the Clarence Valley, including the iconic Yuraygir Coastal Walk.

This magnificent coastal walk is 65 kilometres long and normally divided into 4 sections, but Wayfarer Expeditions has broken it up into 5 days (walking 8 to 14 km each day). The walk takes in and crosses beaches, headlands, rock platforms, creeks, rivers and estuaries.

Accompanied by the enthusiastic young guides of Wayfarer Expeditions, you won’t have to worry about crossing waterways, organising food and water and setting up camp each night. These are experienced hikers who know what they’re doing and you can come along for the exhilarating ride (well… walk).

Wayfarer Expeditions is run by Riley Albiston, who grew up in the bush on the NSW North Coast and feels a deep connection with the natural world. After travelling and hiking through many countries, Riley founded Wayfarer Expeditions to share his love of the outdoors with others.

Riley’s partner Megan Steele is a co-founder of the business and assistant tour leader. Megan has also travelled extensively and hiked on five different continents.

Wayfarer Expeditions provides a personalised service with small groups of two to six people, with one or two tour guides. This way, you’ll experience nature at its best and any impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

These are genuine end-to-end hiking tours, whereby you’ll camp along the track to continue your journey in the morning. You won’t be whisked away to fancy accommodation or be served high-end cuisine, but experience a straightforward, immersive and highly memorable hiking and camping trip.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a regular camper with a shed full of camping gear. The company can supply everything you need, such as an adjustable hiking backpack and sleeping gear.

You also don’t need to be super fit to do the walk. Moderate fitness, the ability to walk around five hours a day (there will be rest stops) and being comfortable camping with limited amenities is all that’s needed.

If you’re not keen on carrying all your gear during those 5 days, you can opt for the support vehicle service. That way you’ll only need to carry your day pack.

Included in the tour package are:

  • Transfers to the start and from the end of the tour
  • Wayfarer Expeditions guided hiking trips on the Yuraygir Coastal WalkExperienced local guides trained in first aid
  • Specialised hiking and camping equipment
  • All meals and snacks
  • All National Park visitor and camping fees
  • Support vehicle service (optional)

When can you do this guided hiking trip?

These trips are mostly run as private tours that you can book for your group of 2 to 4 or maximum 6 persons. Contact Wayfarer Expeditions to discuss dates and further details. You can also join occasional scheduled tours publicised on their website.

For more information about these and other trips they organise, please go to the company’s website: Wayfarer Expeditions

Go hiking and camping along the Yuraygir Coastal Walk with Wayfarer Expeditions