Wonderful Wooli

Article below first appeared in the Clarence Valley Review, 26 September 2012

Wooli Beach - Northern end near Wilsons HeadlandSpectacular marine life, luscious oysters, pristine beaches and river, and some weird and wacky sport are just a few of the many things that make Wooli a jewel in the Clarence Valley’s tourism crown.

The seaside village of Wooli is the kind of place you visit and you can feel its relaxed spirit washing over and through you. It’s a place that has soul, and it makes you feel good.

Wooli is also much-loved by its local residents, such as Bruce Bird.

Bruce returned home to the Clarence just under 12 years ago, after living in Canberra.

“Wooli is very easy to get used to. It’s very safe for residents and for children, there’s plenty of access to recreation, and there’s an absence of the helter-skelter,” he said.

Bruce works at the local post office, and is also the president of the Wooli Sports Club.

Each year, the club hosts the Australian National Goanna Pulling Championships, now a well-known event locally that attracts a huge crowd, particularly families. It is this year set down for September 30.

The event involved two competitors facing each other in a prone position, with a heavy leather strap looped around the backs of their heads. Each then pulls backwards – appearing somewhat like a goanna – until they pull their opponent across the line. A competitor also loses if the strap comes free of their head. Goanna pulling is open to all ages.

But crazy goanna pulling isn’t the only attraction in Wooli.

The village is also the gateway to Solitary Islands Marine Park, and is an ideal place to set out for some underwater exploration by deep sea diving. A local store has all that is needed.

The Wooli Wooli River is also a spectacular attraction, and along with the ocean offers some enjoyable fishing spots.

Now with the warmer weather upon us, Wooli is also a great place to take a dip, and relax by the waterside enjoying a picnic.

There is also a holiday resort, tennis courts, fishing charters, boat hire, a bowling club – everything you could need for either a day trip away, or an extended holiday.

Wooli is also renowned for its oysters, and these are a must not miss experience for anyone fortunate enough to find themselves in the village.