Solitary Islands Marine Park – North Solitary

Solitary Islands Marine Park diving from WooliThe northern section of Solitary Islands Marine Park is easily accessible from Wooli and Minnie Water, the towns closest to the North Solitaries.

Solitary Islands Marine Park shelters an enormous amount of species of fish,  turtles and coral. There are colourful sea slugs and plenty of marine mammals, including migrating humpback whales during colder months.

The amazing marine diversity in this marine park is a result of the convergence of two great ocean currents. More than 550 types of fish, four turtle species and protected species such as the grey nurse shark and black cod weave around the 90 colourful species of coral.

This is one of the best locations in Australia for whale watching, both in autumn and winter when the humpback whales make their way north to calve in warmer waters, as well as in spring, when they swim south again to their Antarctic feeding grounds. The marine park is also home to some spectacular scuba diving sites.

The Solitary Islands Marine Park offers wonderful activities, including:

  • diving
  • snorkelling
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • beach walking
  • whale watching
  • birdwatching
  • fishing
  • boating

Ways to enjoy Solitary Islands Marine Park

Read about places with wonderful rock pools, fishing information, protection zones you should be aware of, and information about scuba diving:

You can camp in the adjacent Yuraygir National Park or at accommodation in Wooli or Minnie Water.

Special rules apply in the marine park, and zoning maps are available from tourist information centres, bait and tackle stores, dive shops and the marine park office. We also have a downloadable copy of the zoning maps.