Yuraygir Coastal Walk feature in Wild Magazine

Feature story on the Yuraygir Coastal Walk in Wild magazine Jan/Feb 2013Wild magazine published a magnificent 4-page feature story on the Yuraygir Coastal Walk by travel writer Dave Cauldwell in its Jan/Feb issue.

Wild is Australia’s longest-running magazine focused on bushwalking and other wilderness pursuits for the independent adventurer. It claims to have the largest and most loyal subscriber base of all outdoor adventure magazines in Australia.

Here at Wooli and Minnie Water, we’re delighted with the wonderful article and accompanying photos. We’re ready to welcome walkers  to our region to do the iconic 4-day Yuraygir Coastal Walk or parts of it, as well as other visitors who come for a holiday to see this beautiful National Park in Northern NSW.

We have reproduced the text of the story on our site for your reading pleasure.

Want to see photos?

For a visual impression of the walk, see our Yuraygir Coastal Walk photo album with images of each of the four sections of the walk – more than 100 beautiful photos in total!


Endangered coastal emu sightings in Yuraygir National Park

Yuraygir National Park is home to fewer than 100 coastal emus (Dromalus novaehollandiiae). The coastal emu is listed as an endangered population in the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

Although the emus were once in abundance in this area, the local population has been in decline over the past 20 years as a result of habitat loss, fires during the spring breeding season, predation by foxes and wild dogs, and collisions with vehicles.

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