Photos of 4-day Yuraygir Coastal Walk now online

We are pleased to let you know that 4 new photo galleries are now available on our site, featuring a total of more than 100 photos of the Yuraygir Coastal Walk.

The signposted 65-km walk is a unique 4-day route traversing Yuraygir National Park – the longest stretch of protected coastline in NSW.

Day 1 goes from Angourie to Brooms Head, day 2 from Brooms Head to Illaroo campground (Minnie Water), day 3 from Illaroo too Wooli and day 4 from Wooli to Red Rock.

The walk reaches places that are only accessible on foot.

We have noticed there is a lot of interest  in the nature, coastline, wildlife, views and general Yuraygir Coastal Walk environment and experience, but understand not everyone is able to tackle the 4-day walk themselves.

That is why we have uploaded a photo gallery for each of the 4 sections of the walk, with a selection of images taken when a small group did the walk in October 2012.

Yuraygir Coastal Walk sign and map, Yuraygir National Park, Northern NSW