Yuraygir Coastal Walk

An excellent way to fully experience the beauty of Yuraygir National Park in Northern NSW is by walking the Yuraygir Coastal Walk.

This signposted 65 km walking route extends all the way from Angourie to Red Rock and passes through the villages of Brooms Head, Minnie Water and Wooli.

The total walk can be completed in 4 days but there are options available for shorter walks such as half-day or day walks.

The walk is a series of linked tracks, trails, beaches and rock platforms that you can follow by looking for the “coastal emu footprint” marker. Along your journey you will encounter vast heathland plains, long sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks and lagoons, rocky headlands and abundant wildflowers and birdlife.

Want photos? We’ve got them! Here is our Yuraygir Coastal Walk Photo Album (4 photo galleries with 108 photos in total).

This is a Great Australian Walk that requires some organisation. You’ll need to cross some waterways, for example, and find places to sleep. If you join a guided tour, you won’t need to worry about the logistics. There are two local eco-tour operators that run all-inclusive tours, and we feature them on this website: Yuraygir Walking Experiences (cabin/holiday home accommodation) and Wayfarer Expeditions (camping along the track).

Video Impression: Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Don’t miss our video, which gives a good impression of the 4-day walking experience:

More information

For details of this Australian Great Walk, see the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service’s Yuraygir Coastal Walk – PDF brochure.

Not up for the whole trek? No worries. It’s broken up in shorter sections. See short walks in Yuraygir National Park.

Looking for a place to pitch your tent around Minnie Water and Wooli? See camping in Yuraygir National Park.